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AMMA Awards (04-13-2015)

Radio Veronica Top 1000 Allertijden

Great news! Two projects I worked on have been nominated for an AMMA Award in the category "Best Interactive Media Strategy". One is IKEA Pinterest, the other Mentos Roadtrippers. May 21st 2015 I'll know whether or not to buy a new trophy case!

Grolsch - Brouwersch (09-01-2014)

For Dutch beer brand Grolsch I created and directed this seven episode show. What happens if you have two teams in a competition to brew the best beer? All by themselves and from scratch! The competition was intertwined with the storylines of the 400 year history of the Grolsch brewery. The show was the greatest online success for Grolsch of the past years.

Miroir - a short film (04-22-2012)

This is a short movie I shot with my good friend Stephan Miras, featuring Hakim Traidia. The film was selected at Quickflick International Film Festival, where it won us the Golden Quickie Award, and was officially selected for the Cornwall Film Festival 2012!

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