Tarik Traidia - Creative Director | Producer
Tarik Traidia

Cre•a•tive Di•rec•tor (noun)

- a person in a production company or advertising agency
who is in charge of the work involving original ideas about how to design, advertise and sell products and ideas.

Tarik Traidia started working as a director, cameraman and editor in 2006. Fresh out of uni, he was hired as an item-director for Endemol, Holland's leading tv-production company at the time. After a couple of years of freelance work for numerous TV stations and production companies (such as MTV, Veronica, RTL, BNN), Tarik slowly shifted towards creative directing in the following years.
He specialized in both developing and conceptualizing ideas, as well as directing them. How is a story best translated to the moving image, to captivate the audience in the best possible way?
Combining his earlier editing and director's skills, Tarik has developed an eye for short film, tv formats, commercial and branding activities.

Work experience:

short film
tv formats
online concepts

creative production
branded content & brand activations
commercials and advertorials

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